Justice and Public Safety Advanced Analytics Committee (JPS-AAC)


The response by the justice and public safety communities to the 9/11 attacks resulted in prioritization of information sharing and availability of data across domains. While great strides have been made in the collection and sharing of information, the unprecedented amount of data available has created challenges for agencies as they determine how best to use and analyze this data to inform justice and public safety while improving the well-being of our communities.

As access to information has shifted from a preferred capability to an operational necessity, IJIS Institute members will identify use cases, unravel the mountains of available data, identify other challenges and opportunities, and highlight emerging industry initiatives that improve the level of knowledge and value of analysis among practitioners and industry professionals. Through this committee, the IJIS public and private sector partners will collaborate to advance operational effectiveness, safety and knowledge, while considering both public and private industry challenges and opportunities. The Committee will help industry leaders and practitioners better understand use case applicability so that they can glean the value from large amounts of data to maximize performance and further engage public trust and transparency.

Committee Leadership

Chair: Brian Acken, SAS 

Co-Chair: Beth Skinner, Iowa Department of Corrections

Staff Liasion: Melissa Winesburg, IJIS Institute

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