IJIS Institute Begins as the Industry Working Group

In the first half of 1999, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)Office of Justice Assistance (OJP)Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) invited members of the justice information technology community to participate in national-level discussions around integrated justice and how it is designed, specified, and procured supporting solutions. The DOJ also sought industry input on issues such as IT technical and functional standards that are employed by justice agencies. To answer this call, industry leaders formed an advisory group comprised of representatives from firms with strong criminal justice expertise. This group came to be known as the Industry Working Group (IWG).

The IWG Becomes the IJIS Institute

In April 2001, the IWG formed the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute as a nonprofit corporation. This independent organization was formed to undertake the many activities that an ad-hoc group, such as the IWG, could not participate in because of its lack of a legal structure. A Board of Directors was elected by the membership to oversee the IJIS Institute’s activities.

In January 2005, the IWG was abolished as a separate entity and organization, and its committees were fully transferred to the IJIS Institute with the intention of having a single voice of industry in the development of new standards and practices in the justice, public safety, and homeland security sectors.

The IJIS Institute Today

The IJIS Institute is an inclusive organization, welcoming to its membership all practitioners and companies that provide information technology-related services, products, and solutions to local, tribal, state, and federal agencies in the public safety, law enforcement, justice, and homeland security arenas. The Institute is also expanding its reach into new areas like health and transportation.

From the initial 14 charter members in 2001, the Institute has grown to nearly 400 Members. Together, we are working towards success in public-sector technology and information sharing projects and initiatives.