Technology Assistance, Training & Education

What types of technology assistance, training and education opportunities do we offer?

The IJIS Institute offers technology assistance (TA) to federal, state and local jurisdictions to assist with the planning and implementation of information sharing projects in the justice, public safety, homeland security, and most public sector domains. We leverage the expertise of our membership and experience of private sector information technology firms to provide objective and cost-effective technology recommendations and solutions to decision makers and project stakeholders.

Services include assessments and engagements that can help agencies review technical and strategic planning, review technical artifacts (system architecture, data modeling, and data messaging), and address specific technology questions and challenges. TAs can take many forms based on the client’s needs. The IJIS Institute has provided technology assistance to the following agencies.

The IJIS Institute provides training and education programs essential to the successful implementation of technology and information sharing projects in the public sector and, specifically, in the IJIS Institute’s areas of focus.

NIEM Technical Training Course

The three-day course, intended for information exchange developers and implementers, was designed to guide students through the NIEM in a structured process. The curriculum was designed for developers and practitioners in the field to provide the information needed to effectively build applications using NIEM. 

Fusion Center Technology Assistance Program

The IJIS Institute partnered with the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security in delivering the Bureau of Justice Assistance-sponsored Fusion Center Technology Assistance (TA) Program. This initiative hastened the identification and fulfillment of fusion center training and support needs.

Exploring, Evaluating, and Implementing Advanced Technologies in Law Enforcement

Those participating in this training will complete the courses with enhanced ability to identify appropriate topics for their agency, to understand the factors affecting costs of acquisition and implementation (total cost of ownership) and how to anticipate and mitigate key risks and challenges while ensuring implementation that will advance the agency, save costs and ensure community support. 

Customized Training

We can customize information sharing and safeguarding training to fit the needs of your organization. We tailor the topics to the type of organization, and need at hand, and bring leaders from both public and private sectors to serve as the subject matter expert.

Past training topics presented by IJIS include eXensible Markup Language (XML) technical concepts as used by NIEM, NIEM Train-the-Trainer, and industry trends and forecasts. 

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