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IJIS Institute members are making a difference! Together we are empowering information sharing to promote safer and healthier communities through public sector policy, process and technology innovation.

What is an IJIS Membership & how does it work?

IJIS membership is open to all public sector levels of government, all policy and legislative entities that study / define / develop guiding doctrine, all academia / researchers / analysts that support public sector mission space, all practitioner organizations that represent public sector practitioners, and the private sector service providers that need to best understand public sector requirements in order to successfully support that mission with innovative and cost-effective technology solutions

The “key to successful IJIS membership” lies with your level of ENGAGEMENT! If members merely attend annual events or forums, you will be given the opportunity  to learn, share experiences, and network at several topic-specific conferences. If, on the other hand, you active participate at any (or several) of our Advisory Committee tables that represent target mission-communities (law enforcement at federal and state/local levels, courts, corrections, emergency communications, emerging technologies, and most recently cross-domain analytics) – you will have the opportunity to not only shape your organizational outcome with the information that you will collect during these discussions, but more, you will participate in shaping the national patterns and outcomes that will influence information sharing, policy making and operational programs throughout our nation. The choice is yours! 

Why become an IJIS Member?

How will you benefit through an IJIS Membership?

Given our twenty-year history, the value of IJIS membership is not merely about attending our annual events or topic-specific events throughout the year. The value of membership is about making a difference – whether you represent a public sector practitioner domain or agency, or, whether you represent a private sector industry member that supports public sector domains.

The broader IJIS community is about the “IJIS collaboration network”. We are about recruiting, engaging, facilitating, defining priorities, and collectively developing solutions to address those challenges at a “community table.”

We are very confident that bringing diverse and experienced stakeholders to the table will foster a working relationship that will enable collaboration and success. Whether success is represented in the development of a true working relationships with your target audience, whether it is understanding the policy implications of certain actions, whether operational understanding or support is required to ensure success, or ultimately, if a technical solution to support and enable data sharing and/or analysis is central to your goal – all facets are critical to success and are the essence of IJIS membership and engagement.

What will you affect and participate in…?

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Thought leadership

Drive research, policy and standards development for information sharing and safeguarding issues affecting the government sector.

Gain enhanced market distinction and recognition by addressing national and international operational and technical challenges.

Represent IJIS on national-level committees and have an impact on national policies and programs.

Serve in leadership positions on IJIS committees, task forces and working groups.

Engagement Channels

Actively collaborate with peers, partners and practitioners through advisory committees, working groups and task forces.

Collaborate with government agency practitioners and industry leaders at annual IJIS events.

Shape new standards and processes to meet the needs of your public sector clients.

Be a candidate for the IJIS Board of Directors and help determine the future course for the Institute.

Networking/Business Opportunities

Strengthen relationships with your target markets and develop relationships with existing and new practitioners and decision-makers.

Participate in mission-focused summits with public sector representatives and executives.

Provide subject matter expertise on IJIS Institute technology assistance, programs, and training engagements.

Identify similar private, public, non-profit, and academic partners to form strategic alliances.

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Information and Education

Gain practitioner and industry perspectives on the latest technology trends and opportunities.

Benefit from access to member-only RFPs and opportunities.

Enjoy access to information on new technology, case studies and best practices.

Share and gain knowledge and expertise through white papers, webinars, and blogs.

Promotional Opportunities

Demonstrate your technology solutions at sponsored technology-specific forums.

Participate in recognition programs honoring technology innovation and dedication to justice, public safety, and homeland security.

Have your company logo prominently displayed on the IJIS website.

Promote your organization’s conference attendance on the IJIS website event calendar.

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Introductory Session
Talk with us to learn more about membership opportunities and how to become an active member in our IJIS community.

Membership Categories

Public Sector Membership

Are you an employee of a government agency? By becoming an IJIS Institute Member, you help inform the technology industry about your mission needs, priorities and challenges. You will have the opportunity to educate private sector partners are to what priorities are most critical to your success, while gaining access to a broad range of expertise, thought leadership, promising practices and lessons learned on current and emerging technologies, and national scope issues.

Private Sector Membership

Does your company provide public sector technology solutions and services? By becoming an IJIS Institute Member, you will receive educational, networking and business opportunities, as well as branding benefits, and collaborate with government leadership. As an IJIS member, you will have the opportunity to help stakeholder communities facilitate mission-critical technology advancements and support information sharing and safeguarding our communities.

Sustaining Member

A sustaining membership provides private sector companies a more significant and tangible way to support the IJIS Institute’s mission and its programs. Through your sustaining membership, you will support our national scope committees, special projects, industry briefings, industry white papers and analysis, and member meetings.

What is the cost for an IJIS membership?
Public Sector Membership

IJIS Institute welcomes current employees from government agencies, academia, research organizations and practitioner groups to engage in advancing public sector technology and information sharing in IJIS areas of focus. Public Sector Membership is Free.

Private Sector Membership
Annual dues are based on the member company’s overall gross annual revenues.
Sustaining Membership

A sustaining membership, available only to private sector members, provides companies a more significant and tangible way to support the IJIS Institute’s mission and its programs through a sustaining membership that will support our national scope committees, special projects, industry briefings, industry white papers and analysis, and member meetings. The annual cost for a Sustaining Membership is currently $18,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership for public sector representatives is free. We welcome these partnerships from both entire agencies and individuals. Simply sign up and tell us how you would like to engage in our community today!

Yes – exclusive benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Participation on any IJIS advisory committees, task forces, and working groups (able to participate in multiple should you choose). 
  • Discounted registration rates for annual conferences, regional summits, virtual webinars, etc.
  • Member only resources – this includes some whitepapers, event/webinar recordings, etc.
  • Ability to participate on our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.
  • Formation of strategic alliances with public, private and nonprofit partners. 

In addition to the increased support your provide for this community and visibility you gain, your company receives higher discounted rates for sponsorship and registration.

There is no limit to the amount of participants from an IJIS member company. We strongly encourage participation from multiple representatives to take advantage of the membership benefits afforded to your company!