Exploring the Advisory Committees

The IJIS Institute is the only national membership organization that brings together the innovative thinking of the private sector, the practitioners, national practice associations, and academic organizations that are working to solve public sector information and technology challenges. 

While there are many benefits of joining the IJIS community, this blog will be the first of a six-part series that explores the advantages and benefits of being an active participant on IJIS Institute advisory committees. Throughout this blog series, we will dive into each of the five committees with an aim to educate and raise awareness of the advisory committee objectives and current projects taking place within these groups. 

Our mission at the IJIS Institute is to drive public sector technology innovation and empower information sharing to promote safer and healthier communities, and we use advisory committees to help carry out this work. Advancing this powerful mission would not be possible without the participation of diverse perspectives from both the public and private sectors on the advisory committees. The necessity of bringing together these important perspectives by creating a sustainable platform to allow for these discussions to take place across multiple mission areas was the integral reason for forming the IJIS advisory committees, and it continues to drive our mission and help identify our future objectives and priorities. 

First, the CJIS Advisory Committee, brings together industry leaders and government practitioners who develop, support, and manage criminal justice information-sharing initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels. The Corrections Advisory Committee focuses on advancing information-sharing standards among the jail, institutional, and community corrections communities. Next, the Courts Advisory Committee works to promote the innovation, adoption, and effective use of court information technology to support civil and criminal justice communities. The IJIS Technology and Architecture Committee provides information to industry and practitioners regarding technology architectures and standards that enable the successful adoption of the technology and sharing or enterprise use of information. Lastly, the Law Enforcement Advisory Committee focuses on the advancement of information sharing, emerging technology, and relevant models within the law enforcement community. 

Over the next several weeks, we will release a spotlight blog focusing on one of the IJIS advisory committees. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Exploring IJIS Advisory Committee blog series addressing the CJIS Advisory Committee. For any questions, comments, or inquiries about joining an IJIS advisory committee, please contact alex.mcadoo@ijis.org. Provide us with your feedback or let us know what you would like to hear about next on Linkedin, Twitter , or Facebook! 


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