Newly Published: Security, Privacy, and Compliance in the Cloud White Paper

Security, Privacy, and Compliance in the Cloud

Overview: The cloud can provide tremendous benefits for criminal justice agencies, but they often face opposing viewpoints that the cloud is either too risky to manage criminal justice information or that leveraging the cloud will require no work on their part. Neither statement is true and well-established operational and technical strategies have been developed for cloud-based solution implementations that fully comply with the stringent requirements for the security and privacy of criminal justice information. This paper follows on from the CJIS Compliance and Transition to Cloud Solutions Working Group’s first whitepaper, Cloud Fundamentals, published in December 2020 by the IJIS Institute. Cloud Fundamentals describes the basics of cloud computing and the role that the cloud can play in public safety. This second paper, Security, Privacy, and Compliance in the Cloud, provides the major considerations for agencies considering or planning for the transition to the cloud. The authors include representatives from several global cloud service providers with extensive experience supporting criminal justice agencies.

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