IJIS New Website Now Live

Dear Valued Member of the IJIS Community:

On behalf of the IJIS Institute, our Board of Directors and Staff, we are pleased to announce that the highly anticipated new website is now live and accessible for your pleasure! Over the past several months, our team has worked tirelessly on developing a revamped platform that’s easier to use and navigate, encourages more engagement and collaboration, while also updating the look and feel for our organization.

We invite you to check out the new platform and take some time ensuring that your account details are up-to-date and credentials are working properly. Here are a couple of helpful pointers to consider when viewing the website:

  • For access to your account, please request a new password.

    • This will automatically generate a temporary password sent to the email address affiliated with our new membership portal.

    • Please ensure you check your spam folders for these emails. Because we are using a new system, it’s important to indicate that these messages are not spam, to ensuring you’re receiving updates from us in the future.

    • Once you’ve received a temporary password, you can change the password in your account profile.

  • Ensure your personal and company information is updated!

    • Company information will be shown as part of the new member list.

    • Use this time to ensure your information is accurate, including company address, phone numbers, etc.

  • Committee pages are an evolving resource!

    • One of the top priorities for this website was to make this resource more engaging for our users. We have therefore created committee forums for each of our separate groups.

    • These forums are essentially a discussion board for our different groups to collaborate, stay updated on committee projects, share resources, and so much more!

    • These will be a work in progress, as we are still testing all the features before they are fully functional. Once they are, we will provide a demo on how these work and how our committees should best utilize them.

  • Provide us your feedback!

    • This website was developed and designed to meet the needs identified by our members. We understand, however, that these needs will evolve over time, as will this resource. As a result, we strongly encourage your feedback on how you’d like to see this site enhanced in the future.

  • Register for the IJIS Mid-Year Briefing and Member Forum!

We appreciate everyone’s input and support up to this point. We hope you enjoy the new format and take advantage of the new features that will allow our community to engage more easily and consistently.