Hybrid Training: NIEM Technical Training:

NIEM Technical Training: Sponsored by the NIEM Management Office

An online technical training course focused on developers and implementers who are interested in a deep-dive of NIEM.

This course includes hands-on exercises focused on designing an information Exchange Package Documentations (IEPD)/Message.

Format: Hybrid + Chat via TEAMs or Slack

Based on feedback from the community, the NIEM Management Office is providing a new permanent hybrid technical training format. We have collected questions from prior training classes and incorporated them into a new professional pre-recorded curriculum that covers the NIEM technical training, supplemented with a LIVE trainer from 3PM to 4PM ET daily to answer your questions in real time via MS Teams chat.

Advantages to using the Hybrid format:

  • You can fit the NIEM training in with your work schedule
  • Hit pause and take important calls or answer urgent emails
  • Rewind and re-watch a topic to ensure comprehension of the materials
  • Access to an instructor to answer questions when you have them
  • Access to the materials after the recordings after the class
  • Keeps training costs down so that we can offer it to the community for FREE
  • Allows people from different time-zones to receive training at a time that is convenient for them

Trainees can communicate with the instructor by attending the Q&A session from 3-4:00 PM daily.