Request for Qualifications: Case Management System Consultant

RFQ: Case Management System Consultant

Executive Summary:

The County of Champaign, a body corporate and politic, hereinafter “County” will accept sealed proposals from qualified vendors and service providers, hereinafter “vendor,” for consultation and advice related to the future direction of development for the County’s integrated justice system. “System users” refers to all agencies within the physical boundaries of Champaign County that use the County’s current integrated justice system.
Background: The County began consideration of an integrated justice system in 2001. The current system in use was implemented in 2009. Nearly 600 system users from many different agencies rely on the system, which was designed with a work flow tailored to each department and contains hundreds of thousands of images. The County is also in the process of adopting an e-citation system to integrals traffic tickets and reporting within our integrated justice system.

The Champaign County justice system maintains a case management component and an interface with the e-filing portal referred to as Odyssey E-File and Serve operated by Tyler Technologies (Plano, Texas)
Both the criminal and civil integrated justice systems include a financial component, for tracking assessments and payments through multiple stages of case processing between several departments. Additionally, both have reporting requirements to state agencies including the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, the Secretary of State, and the Illinois State Police, among others.

Because of its age, the County is in a position at this time to consider strategies to address the functionality and longevity of our existing system. We need to understand our options regarding replacement (e.g., purchase a commercial, off-the-shelf product; re-write a new system to the County’s specifications; combine best-of-breed options; or a solution not here described).

A non-exhaustive list of components and issues for examination is contained in Appendix B.

The scope of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) does not include the selection of a particular replacement product; rather, the County seeks an analysis and guidance regarding the recommended path for retention/replacement/re-development.