IJIS Call for Participation: New Committee

NEW: Justice and Public Safety Advanced Analytics Committee (JPS-AAC) Extended Submission Deadline: Monday, January 31, 2022

Interested participants should send a copy of their resume and explanation of interest to info@ijis.org 

This Call for Participation (CFP) is an invitation for your involvement in the IJIS Institute’s newly created Justice and Public Safety Advanced Analytics Committee (JPS-AAC). Advisory committees are chartered by the IJIS Institute to identify and collectively resolve operational priorities in various communities of interest / domains that IJIS supports. Input and recommendations are provided to the Institute on specific priorities, sometimes publishing white papers or other documents resulting from their work.

Purpose of the JPS-AAC

The response by the justice and public safety communities to the 9/11 attacks resulted in prioritization of information sharing and availability of data across domains. While great strides have been made in the collection and sharing of information, the unprecedented amount of data available has created challenges for agencies as they determine how best to use and analyze this data to inform justice and public safety while improving the well-being of our communities.

As access to information has shifted from a preferred capability to an operational necessity, IJIS Institute members will identify use cases, unravel the mountains of available data, identify other challenges and opportunities, and highlight emerging industry initiatives that improve the level of knowledge and value of analysis among practitioners and industry professionals. Through this committee, the IJIS public and private sector partners will collaborate to advance operational effectiveness, safety and knowledge, while considering both public and private industry challenges and opportunities. The Committee will help industry leaders and practitioners better understand use case applicability so that they can glean the value from large amounts of data to maximize performance and further engage public trust and transparency.


The IJIS JPS-AAC objectives include reviewing and making recommendations to the IJIS Board of Directors and “Hone Office” as well as other IJIS committees on JPS-AAC activities to improve the level of understanding of advanced analytics and spread awareness on the how and why advanced analytics are a necessary component of 21st century health and public safety operations. The IJIS Institute JPS-AAC can provide guidance through representation with appropriate white papers, position papers, topical task forces, working groups, seminars, meetings and training sessions to facilitate adoption and understanding of analytics trends and responsible use of data. Members of the JPS-AAC may also represent IJIS on other relevant national committees and advisory groups.


Committee Composition and Member Responsibilities

The JPS-AAC will be composed of a chairperson, a vice chairperson, a secretary and committee members from the IJIS Institute member organizations, Alliance Partners, Government Associates, and Academia. The committee can also be supported by temporary task forces which will be created for specific topics and targeted work products. Responsibilities of JPS-AAC Members include the following:

· Monthly conference calls. To maintain membership in the committee, members are required to attend 8 of the 10 scheduled calls each year. Committee work may at times require additional work sessions between monthly meetings.

· Committee planning sessions will be held during the IJIS Symposium and Mid-Year Briefing up to two times per year.

· Participate in the coordination and production of JPS-AAC work products which consist of position papers, white papers, webinar sessions, conference presentations, and web content/social media outreach.

Participation Requirements and Skills Needed

IJIS seeks practitioner and industry representatives who are domain-experts and/or IT professionals and are uniquely qualified to identify business and operational challenges with JPS-AAC’s objectives, as well as the trends and opportunities to facilitate and improve analytics capabilities in the health, justice and public safety communities. Candidates should also have analytics experience in one of the requisite subject matter areas and be well versed in the technical, use case and policy issues impacting data analytics.

To respond to this CFP, please provide your resume and explanation of interest to info@ijis.org no later than Monday, January 31, 2022.