Extended Deadline: Cyber Security Task Force

Submission Deadline: Friday, May 20th, 2022 This Call for Participation (CFP) is an invitation for your involvement in the IJIS Institute’s newly created Cyber Security Task Force that will operate under the IJIS Technology and Architecture Committee (ITAC). Given the IJIS Institutes National Symposium & 20-Year Anniversary Reception, we are extending the deadline to Friday, May 20th, 2022. The IJIS Institute convenes short-term task forces and working groups to investigate and address pressing issues impacting the justice, public safety, emergency management, and homeland security communities. These groups bring together industry, nonprofit, and public sector stakeholders to recommend solutions and/or define the next steps that follow-on project committees may accomplish. Interested participants should send a copy of their resume and a letter of interest to alex.mcadoo@ijis.org by close of business May 20th, 2022.
Purpose of Task Force: With the increased threat from hackers and cyber security-related issues to corporations and public sector agencies globally, the IJIS Institute is soliciting participation for the newly created Cyber Security Task Force. The purpose of this group of subject matter experts is to identify and review tools, processes, techniques, and practices that can yield immediate benefits for the IJIS domains of focus. Additionally, this group will be dedicated to developing standards, best practice guides, and recommendations to help increase defenses to the growing cyber threats to our communities nationwide. Objectives: The Cyber Security Task Force main objective is to enhance the security posture for justice and public safety communities nationwide. This objective will be met by first assessing the current landscape of cyber-related issues and evaluating first-hand experiences from agencies impacted by these threats. With the assistance of other IJIS committees, this research will help improve participants understanding of topical areas that need to be closely examined by the group to enhance cyber security sustainability within our communities. Ultimately the task force will provide guidance through representation with appropriate white papers, position papers, seminars, meetings and training sessions to facilitate sustainable processes that enhance cyber hygiene for all entities. ITAC Committee Objectives: The Cyber Security Task Force’s parent advisory committee, the IJIS Institute’s Technology and Architecture Committee (ITAC), provides information to industry and practitioners regarding technologies, architectures, and standards that enable the successful adoption of the technology and sharing or enterprise use of information. The committee focus is on topics that are innovative, emerging, underpublicized, and not universally understood within the public-sector community Task Force Composition and Member Responsibilities: The Cyber Security Task Force will be composed of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary, and committee members from IJIS member organizations, alliance partners, public sector associates and academia. Responsibilities of the Cyber Security Task Force Members include the following:
  • Monthly conference calls. In order to maintain membership in the Task Force, members are required to attend 8 of the 10 scheduled calls each year. Committee work may at times require additional working sessions between monthly meetings.
  • Bi-annual planning sessions will be held during the IJIS Symposium and Mid-Year Briefing up to two times per year.
  • Participate in the coordination and productions of Cyber Security Task Force work products which consist of position papers, white papers, webinar sessions, conference presentations, web content/social media outreach, etc.
Participation Requirements and Skills Needed: The IJIS Institute seeks practitioners and industry representatives who are operational experts and/or IT professionals uniquely qualified to identify business and operational challenges related to cyber security. Specifically, individuals who have been impacted by hackers, ransomware, etc., or have specific experiences in protecting those against it, are suitable to apply. To respond to this CFP, please provide your resume and explanation of interest to alex.mcadoo@ijis.org no later than Friday, May 20 , 2022.