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Understanding crime, criminals and victims is key to state, local and national criminal justice policy.  This cannot be accomplished without a comprehensive program such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) crime reporting program that standardizes crime data collection across the nation.  To ensure standardized collection, the IJIS Institute has been an instrumental partner in the Bureau of Justice Statistic’s National Crime Information Exchange (NCS-X) program and is managing the California Rapid Deployment Model (RDM) to assist hundreds of law enforcement agencies with the transition to NIBRS.

Our team has provided project management and technical assistance resources to impact this valuable effort.  The Institute has leveraged partnerships with law enforcement RMS service providers to bring them to the table with local law enforcement and federal partners to ensure project success.  In California RDM efforts include seven service providers that have contracted directly with the IJIS Institute to implement CIBRS for 117 law enforcement agencies. This consolidated effort has resulted in a cost savings of several million dollars and significant staff time savings for our law enforcement and service provider partners.

The RDM used in California is a model that can be brought to the forefront for national information-sharing programs.  The IJIS Institute has consolidated contract vehicles, negotiated contract pricing and eliminated the need for over 100 law enforcement agencies to undergo sometimes intensive procurement processes. This model has proven to create implementation and cost efficiencies that can facilitate standardized information sharing programs on multiple levels saving all involved parties significant costs and implementation time all while ensuring a more coordinated cohesive approach to implementation.

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