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IJIS Institute Members are making a difference! Together we are driving public-sector innovation and empowering information sharing to promote safer and healthier communities.

What do we provide?


A community-driven hub of public and private sector resources who share information, collaborate to solve problems, and share resources.


All-inclusive memberships in which members work together to improve & problem-solve policy, process and technological challenges.

Events & Training

Special events, training, webinars, and resources that provide engagement opportunities and brand recognition.

Who do we serve?


The IJIS Institute provides public sector domains with a community rich in policy, operational, and technical solutions capacity seeking to more efficiently solve their operational challenges through improved data sharing and safeguarding. It also serves as a neutral venue for expedited information needed to identify efficient and innovative technology solutions.


The IJIS Institute helps member companies understand the current and emerging public sector priorities, influence policy and best practices, and foster working relationships with potential stakeholder communities. 


What people are saying
“I joined the IJIS Institute as a government professional wanting to be affiliated with the private sector in promotion of technology to create maximum effectiveness within the Law Enforcement community. My experiences within this innovative and forward-thinking alliance has been exceptional.”

- Dr. Diana Poor / Deputy Director and Chief Data Officer, Houston PD
What people are saying
“IJIS has created a much-needed environment environment for sharing information...enables substantive and ongoing discussions that solve technology problems for justice and public safety.”

- Joe Wheeler / Vice President of Justice and Courts, Mission Critical Partners
What people are saying
“I've plugged into a committed network of practitioners and gained insights and access to practical solutions from fellow industry members.”

- Roger Mann/ Chief Executive Officer, GlobalFlyte

How to get involved with IJIS

IJIS Institute Members are making a difference! Together we are driving public-sector technology innovation and empowering information sharing to promote safer and healthier communities.


As a member of the IJIS Community, practitioners from federal / state / Local / tribal public sector agencies from all our target domains, academics / researchers / analysts, and private sector service providers participate in our several annual events, topic specific forums and summits that address critical issues addressing our nation. Educational, training and networking opportunities provide the venue for community collaboration.

Become Member

Becoming an IJIS Member offers you the opportunity to participate in any of the many Advisory Committees, Task Forces, and/or Working Groups that cover spectrum of all justice domains and/or many critical aspects facing our justice practitioners. Based on the feedback from our membership, we currently have seven Advisory Committees that include the following: CJIS, Lew Enforcement, Courts, Corrections, Emerging Technologies, Emergency Communications and Emergency Response, and finally, Cross-Domain Analytics. Join us!


Finally – the culmination of being part of the IJIS Community and of being an IJIS Member – is your full ENGAGEMENT in all that we have to offer! As an active member, you will have the opportunity to not only shape your organizational outcomes with the information that you will collect during these discussions, but more, your participation will contribute to shaping the national patterns and outcomes that will influence policy making, operational programs, and information sharing nationally.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Membership Categories

Public Sector Membership

Are you an employee of a government agency? By becoming an IJIS Institute Member, you help inform the technology industry about your mission needs, priorities and challenges. You will have the opportunity to educate private sector partners are to what priorities are most critical to your success, while gaining access to a broad range of expertise, thought leadership, promising practices and lessons learned on current and emerging technologies, and national scope issues. This membership does not include government contractors.

Private Sector Membership

Does your company provide public sector technology solutions and services? By becoming an IJIS Institute Member, you will receive educational, networking and business opportunities, as well as branding benefits, and collaborate with government leadership. As an IJIS member, you will have the opportunity to help stakeholder communities facilitate mission-critical technology advancements and support information sharing and safeguarding our communities.

Sustaining Member

A sustaining membership provides private sector companies a more significant and tangible way to support the IJIS Institute’s mission and its programs. Through your sustaining membership, you will support our national scope committees, special projects, industry briefings, industry white papers and analysis, and member meetings.