IJIS Announces Inaugural Meeting of the “National RMS Advisory Council” at the 2022 Mid-Year Briefing

The IJIS Institute’s “National Records Management Systems (RMS) Advisory Council” will be conducting its first formal meeting at the IJIS Mid-Year Briefing and Member Forum, scheduled for August 30th-September 1st, 2022, in Orlando, Florida. This exclusive group will play a critical role in bridging the gap between national law enforcement executives that define national strategies and the RMS Service Providers that support their mission areas. This meeting will also convene the federal stakeholders that shape the policy and provide the funding to modernize and standardize operational responses.

As an example, in 2018, the FBI announced the Bureau’s transition from Uniform Crime Report (UCR) / Summary Reporting to collecting National Incident-Based Reporting Systems (NIBRS) data. Since then, the necessity for collaboration amongst all stakeholders has never been more apparent and critical. Service Providers have been independently attempting to respond to national and/or local requirements, and there is little to no input from these companies into the processes and standards to best accomplish the goals in a cost-effective manner. Currently, there is no coordinated strategy.

In order to enhance the outcomes and better support the law enforcement user community and collect more useful data, the National RMS Advisory Council aims to:

  • Realize enhanced coordination and alignment between the development/addressing of national/state/local law enforcement agency priorities and the RMS applications to respond to the same;
  • Better coordinate the identification/development/implementation of select standards to support more efficient data sharing; and,
  • Realize greater process and application development efficiencies that result in cost savings for both LEAs and SPs.

Moving forward, the Advisory Council will meet quarterly to continuously enhance the communications between law enforcement users and Service Providers to better understand the evolving operational, policy, and technical requirements. The group will also play a critical role in influencing standards development and usage that impact law enforcement records management systems.

IJIS Executive Director Maria Cardiellos stated: “I’m excited at the prospects of what we can accomplish with this collaboration. Though great strides have been made in developing the relationship between public sector practitioners and private sector providers to ensure responsiveness to operational goals, much improvement is necessary in better aligning upcoming strategies with tool development and standards usage in a cost-effective manner. With engagement from all parties, I am confident that we can and will realize greater efficiencies and accomplishments.”

In order to offset the costs of PM support, coordination, etc., interested service providers will be required to pay an annual fee as defined by the company’s revenue.  The fee structure below has been defined for year one:


Annual Revenues Annual Dues (IJIS member) Annual Dues (non-IJIS member)
$0 – $50,000,000 $7,500 $10,000
$50,000,000 or more $12,000 $15,000

*Subject to change based on priorities by RMS Advisory Council for year two.


For questions about this program, please email inquiries to Melissa.Winesburg@ijis.org.